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1990 Dodge Ramcharger Question: not charging

i have replaced the alternator new battery and the voltage regulater and it is still discharging this is a 1984 model.i had the old alternator checked and it tested ok but i replaced it anyway.when i turn on the lights and heater the amp meter goes to discharge.Ihave checked for broken wires and not found any .this really has me stumped. -
Answer 1
did you check the voltage to the back of the alt? it must be 12 volts all the time. i would start there. Roy -
Comment 1
no i have not. what kind of tester do i need for checking that? -
Comment 2
a volt meter. you need 12 volts to the big fat wire on the back of the alternator. Roy -
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i've replaced the alternator and battery, can't hold a charge. trying to figure out if its a fuseable link, what do you think?