non police interceptor on 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

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my car started vibrating real hard when shifting into gears. did hear metal to metal real loud at one point. thought it was the transmission but its an AODE trasmission which has DTC codes so none pop i have to rev the engine up pass normal to start moving so i check the diff oil and found that it had metal shavings in it and it real black, no leaks though. so i change the fluid and took it down and the car starts driving a little better didnt go far just around the block then switch to reverse it struggle to move in reverse put back into drive now it dose not drive no more. moves a little if ut all the way into first gear. jack the rear end up and tire on passenger side moves other dose not.
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Don't rely on codes so much with your AODE. It's kind of early in the generations of electronic automatic transmissions from Ford.

Your initial failure was probably a broken 1-2 shift accumulator spring and sticking piston. Extremely common with this year and model transmission.

Now it is probably just burned up. Did you check the transmission fluid? Forget the differential. That's not your issue.

If the transmission fluid is full and bright red...I would be surprised. Drop the pan, inspect for debris (like a broken spring!), clean, make repairs (replace spring and accumulator piston), replace all the fluid, and recheck. May be too late...
your rear end is gone