noisy play in steering column on 2004 Subaru Outback

firewall where steering column goes through, the rubber grommit or bushing seal is completely dislodged and has 1/4" space around the shaft. I noticed a rattle months ago which has slowly become worse. When you put your hands at 12 and 6 oclock on the steering wheel and wiggle, there is slight play which emits a clunking sound. The whole shaft wiggles up to the nuckle in the engine compartment. I tried to re-insert the bushing but couldn't. I don't know why the bushing dislodged in the first place, or even if that is the cause. HELP!!!

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Usually the bearings go bad and begin clunking,2561&groupid=0&subgroupid=0&componentid=0&makeid=32&model=Outback&year=2004&graphicID=F732160&callout=1&catalogid=1&displayCatalogid=0 These are all the columns available for subaru's for your year, Hope this helps