Noisy front end. Bushing repair? on 2007 Saturn Ion

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I know Saturns are known for their noisy front ends. I have an estimate for about 350.00 for the replacement of front bushings on my Ion. It looks to me like busings are pretty cheap nay idea on how long/labor it is to replace bushings.
Thanks in advance.
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The front suspension is McPhearson strut with two bolts attaching it to a steering knuckle and a lower control arm. It could be the sway bar end links that are worn or the inner sway bar bushings,
The bushings you were probably quoted for are the lower control arm bushings. The book time to replace the bushings are 2.2 hour for both sides add for wheel alignment afterward.
I havea 2004 ion 2, change the stabiliser bars/sway bars. Thats the problem. Easy fix and does not cost no where near $350. My bars cost me $88 for both front. Take a few beers to the garage and change them out.