NOISY door locks! HELP!!!!!! on 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430

Help me with my NOISY ML door locks!!!!!!!!!! I got quoted months ago for this to be fixed, but I decided to wait on that repair @ a cost of $675 on top of my $2500 repairs that couldn't wait. I don't remember what they said the problem exactly was (I was too pissed at my repair bill!), but just wanted to see if anyone has also had this problem. What's going on is when I am driving, my back passenger door lock will start going WILD. Sounds like someone is kicking on my door like 7 times in a row!!! At first I thought it was maybe the CD changer in the truck malfunctioning. But it is clearly the door locks. Mostly happens turning corners, but sometimes if I'm at a light and start going it does it. It is VERY noisy from both the inside and outside. EMBARRASSING! ALSO, my passenger and back pass. door DO NOT LOCK. Anyone experienced this, or have any ideas????

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Sounds like the lock actuators are failing, need to have a tech diagnose this, but I can't find the parts anywhere but at the dealer
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I have also this problem, Noisy door locks!
I think there are some people who have like this problem, so does the Mercedes-Benz company think about this?
It is interesting that what do they think about this problem!
But this problem is appeared only in ML classes!

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I have also had this problem> It is extremely embarrassing as I am a Real Estate agent and take clients in my car. It is now a joke...sounds like a drive by shooting. I too was told it was over $600 to fix. I would like to know if I could pull a fuse to sstop it! nI have over 240,000 K miles on my ML.
sounds like your lock relays may need to be checked