Noise when shifting from reverse to drive on 2009 Honda Accord

My 2009 accord make a click noise after i shift from reverse to drive

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There is one of two issues. It's either the trans or the brakes making the noise. It is not uncommon to hear a click from the transmission when shifting from reverse to drive and the brake pads will shift from one direction to another when changing direction causing a click noise when they seat into the calipers. Both noises are normal.
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thank you for this answer. i have the same question too about that cliking sound. i have a 2010 civic and when i shift from reverse to drive and turn, i will hear a loud click on the left front wheel. did not know this is just normal about brake positions...thanks though!
I have toyota sienna ce. When I shift from Park to Reverse or from Reverse to Drive, there is a kind of clunk sound under the car. Is it normal sound when shifting the gear?