noise in wheels on 2000 Ford Taurus

CV joints are good this is a growling or helicopter like noise. gas peddle vibrates some the noise starts as soon as i move and of course gets louder as i go to the point i cant stand it. is this the bearings?

by in Moundsville, WV on April 26, 2011
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ANSWER by on April 27, 2011
It could be the front wheel bearings going bad. If you're mechanically inclined and want to check the wheel bearings, safely jack up the car and support it on proper jack stands. With the engine off and in neutral, spin the wheel feeling with your hand on the upper suspension parts and see if you can feel a rough bearing. This can be done also idling, in gear but you need to exercise adequate care in feeling for the vibration, you can hurt yourself if you're not careful to keep away from the moving parts. The other possibility I can think of is that you have tire problems, like out of roundness or tread separation. You should be able to detect that when the car is on stands. Or, find a Ford specialist to help you. If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
COMMENT by on April 27, 2011
thank you, it is the wheel bearings turns out thanks for your help I am replacing them now.
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