Noise in left front on 2000 Lexus ES300

I have a noise(rattling) in the left front over sometimes over bumps and also when I turn to the right. I do not hear any noise when driving on the highway. Ii took my vehicle to a Milwaukee Lexus dealer and he stated the struts, sway links and brakes were OK. The dealer stated he felt the noise was under the dash. I tried to locate any thing loose under the
dash without any luck. I am puzzled and am wondering if you have any suggestions.

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A rattling sound on turns that increases with the speed and tightness of a right turn is usually an outer CV joint which would require replacing the axle. Is the CV boot intact? I've seen the upper strut mounts cause a rattle over rough ground. I have seen the sway bar link ball and socket joint deteriorate giving a rattle driving on rough ground. I was thinking of something fouling the steering column on turns but Lexus shrouds the steering column joint.
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If the noise is heard only when you first start driving, and stops when you've been driving a while - it could be either the struts or a loose strut mount.
Most of Lexus ES300 have these knid of problems,the shaft
cover with a lexus mark, from there comes out of noises, when you driving slowly, passing a nearby curbs, when you turn right or left,or reverse right or left, from the shaft have noises also, so why do we contact LEXUS,
ASKING FOR RECALL, will be good.

UPPER/LOWER WINDSHIELD TICK NOISE - Lexus Technical Service Information: L-SB-0090-08
The noise is coming from a windshield stopper.
We had this same problem in the front and the back of our 1996 Lexus ES300. It sounded like something was banging in the trunk. We replaced the rear sway bar bushings.
i also hear a noise like drums banging in trunk of my 2000 lexus es300
originally thought it was loose items in the trunk banging around
haven't been able to get it diagnosed yet...

how much would this be costing to fix ???