Abnormal Noise From Front of Engine on Nissan Frontier

A whining or buzzing type noise may develop from the timing chain area caused by excess slack in the secondary timing chains. Nissan has issued a service bulletin (NTB09-128) regarding this issue. Replacement of both secondary timing chains and their tensioner shoes will be necessary to repair this concern. As part of this repair, the engine oil and filter should also be replaced.

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Average mileage: 94,329 (3,000–225,000)
Engines affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, 3.3L V6, 4.0L V6, V6
16 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014
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2007 Nissan Frontier- 2.5L 4 Cylinder63,500
Whining/rattling sound from the engine on start up and while in idle. Noise is not present while driving.
2006 Nissan Frontier- 4.0L V652,450
I also have the whining noise in the front of the engine. It does not occur when I initially start up the engine when its cold. After about 5-10 minutes the noise begins and gets louder and louder. I took it into 104th Nissan and they said it was the alternator. The cost to repair??? 605.00. I purchased a alternator and did it myself at a cost of 158.00. The very irritating noise is still there so 158 down the drain. I like many will never buy another Nissan vehicle. They do not stand behind their products. I have also changed the serpentine belt, the idler pulley and the other one. 52000 miles.....We all need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them
2005 Nissan Frontier- V668,000
Somewhat high-pitched whine from engine - also - distinct knocking during acceleration when cold
I first started noticing this whining/whirling noise at about 60,000 miles. It seems to have got worse over time. I recently visited a local Nissan dealer and they told me there was a service bulletin put out stating the problem is probably caused by a secondary timing chain/s. The dealer quoted me a cost of over a thousand dollars! From what I understand they are not over willing to help out those in need, we'll see. I'm going to try and get them to fix it, if not I will take other action. I'll be a horses ***, if I'm going to pay for another bad design flaw on Nissan's part, NO WAY NO HOW. It's time they started taking responsibility for their lack of quality in todays vehicles. I'm so disappointed in Nissan, almost to the point of disgusted. I don't think I will ever buy another Nissan product ever. What ever happened to this company!
2000 Nissan Frontier- 2.4L 4 Cylinder167,000
Rattling, thrashing noise from front of engine, mostly at idle but got progressively worse. Replaced all cam chains and guides.
it only happen when the engine is hot,just a little whinning sound fronm the front and it will go away when i rev it.
2007 Nissan Frontier- 4.0L V680,000
not fixed out of a low warranty , 1500.00 bucks to fix, not buying another Nissan
2009 Nissan Frontier140,000
I have a 2009 Frontier 4.0 v6 the service department told me first year that I have to look out for the timing chain I've always had the oil changed every 4000 miles and recently,in the last year I started hearing a winning noise from the front of the motor I had dealership replace all the parts timing chain and guides tensioners and belts and water pump this cost me $1500 I think this should have been covered under the drivetrain warranty that's why bought a truck that had a timing chain not a timing belt
2007 Nissan Frontier- 4.0L V671,000
Noise from front of engine was determined to be worn timing chain tensioner shoe. Replaced tensioner shoes and chains at a cost of $1,300. Requested old parts. Tensioner shoes are cheap micarta pieces that the chains slide on. Chain showed evidence of wear on sides. I had to replace the radiator too due to a manufacturing defect. Out of warranty, so $600 for that. I have never had a problem with a timing chain or radiator on any vehicle I have ever owned, and have driven several to and over 100,000 miles. This will be my last Nissan product
2000 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6117,000
weird noise on front of engine???/
whining with increased engine rpm
I have a 2012 4.0, the noise is Very likely the timing chain wear guides and chains that Nissan swears have been fixed in production prior to 2012. I have spoken in person to at least one owner of a 2013, 2014 and 2015 4.0 Frontier that currently have the timing chain guide problem. I to have the problem on my truck. Since this defect is not a "Safety problem" Nissan is not required nor motivated to issue a recall. The more serious associated issue is the aluminum flakes that get dispersed in the oil, that damage bearing journals, oil pump and start wearing everything else in the motor. Next oil change look at your oil in the bright sunlight, if you see reflective flakes and glitter in the oil, you most likely have the problem in your motor. The flecks will be non-Ferris, (not attracted to a magnet). Have the oil tested by Blackstone, that will tell you exactly what is going on and required to even begin to have a discussion with Nissan or a Nisan dealer. I have 50K miles on my motor now, in speaking with Nissan it is clear Nissan has no intention of addressing this problem for my truck even with full documentation of oil change history and oil tests from new. You may also notice a knock in the motor at light acceleration around 2K rpm in cold weather, temps below 50 degrees that is louder the colder the outside temp. The knock can dissipate when the engine gets to full heat soak, not water temp. Options are sell the truck and taking the financial hit. Keep driving it knowing the motor will get worse and need to be completely replaced not rebuilt. Nissan has been very clear that they will offer no action under warranty to address an aspect of the problem for my motor. Best case if Nissan took any action it would be to replace the outer timing chain and the lower gear and guides. They will not replace the upper cam gears that actuate the variable valve timing, they are just under $500 each! Needless to say I will not purchase a Nissan product next time. Nissan has burned me twice with defective internal engine parts on two vehicles and that is enough for me. Get your oil tested to start the investigation. Do not listen to all the internet experts and speculate, it is a waste of time and offers not value. Deal in facts only, no emtion with Nissan, they do not care, it is all about the money / business, nothing personal. Get the oil test and deal in facts only. Good luck with your journey.
2007 Nissan Frontier- 4.0L V665,000
Timing chain fail.
2002 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6175,000
Well initially there was a sound coming from the front end of engine so I took my truck to a mechanic to remedy it. They replaced the timing chains and tensioner, also the guide was replaced. The noise had since returned. I took it back and they supposedly had a bad tensioner so they replaced it. The sound remained when I start my truck. The sound changes in longevity and severity but only makes it for a few seconds upon starting the truck
2007 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6153,089
Had a no start issue with a 2007 Nissan frontier 2.5 liter XE a/t a/c took to garage got it running and oil changed .Got back truck with oil light on steady , took truck back to garage and said it might be oil sending switch or oil pump .I then asked if I would make it home with it that way he said baby it so I did letting it cool down every few miles.Told it needs new engine
2001 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6209,000
Winning screeching and clunching from front of motor
1999 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6178,000
Timing chain , gears, and tensioner had to be replaced with all new parts. Found met pieces in oil pan from timing chain tensiobers
2010 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V684,000
I purchased the truck from a small dealer in October 2015. The sound starts about 5 minutes after the vehicle is running. I have not gotten it fixed but have been continually calling the dealer about it.
2000 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V6166,000
I have this wining sound that just started this morning and a small scraping sound with it the wining going up and down with the rps is this the same issue I pray not . The only reason I bought a Nissan is because it had a chain and not a timing belt if I have to spend 1700 to fix it.. I will be Irate and will cause issues for Nissan unwillingness to fix there product and sell crap for a product
2011 Nissan Frontier- 3.3L V630,000
Its a 4.0L engine. The Rsttling sound has been going on for a while. Seems to be a but louder then before.
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