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2007 Nissan 350Z Question: noise from right front

I have a noise coming from the right front of my 2007 350z base coupe. It seems to change with weight distribution. The brake pads are fine but applying the brake does make it start/ stop at times but never with any consistency. I do hear the spring when I am parking. Is the spring or shock making this sound while driving. It sounds more like something that is rotating but I am wondering if the turning parts are just shifing the weight making this BAD sound...? -
Answer 1
You may have a front wheel bearing that is beginning to fail. If the left bearing is failing the noise will be worse when turning right and if it's the right bearing the noise will be worse when turning left. The is due to the weight shift when turning. Turning right adds weight to the left side and turning left adds weight to the right side. -
Answer 2
Check to see if your tires are cupping. TSB on older models. But it happened to our 2007 Z with only 17,000 miles on it. Class action suit as well on older models. Evidently there was no way align the older models. -
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