noise from rear of truck, sounds like it may be in the differential. on 2008 Toyota Tundra

varies with speed seems more prevalent during deceleration. any thoughts or experiences to share

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good ? from ziptie answer them and we will try to help. also how many miles on rk
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Squeak , thump , rattle ,whine? Does stepping on the brakes or turning have any effect on the noise? Is it a speed related noise (related to wheel speed or enginespeed)Is the tundra 4WD? Questions just to start.
62K miles. did not note change in noise when turning left or right. accelerate from a stop light noise builds as speed builds, quiets some when cruising. becomes more noticeable when decelerating quieting as truck slows
PS thanks for your time and expertise! oh it is 4wd
I am thinking of buying this truck but this noise has me scared
Do you have a shop that you can bring it to , to have it checked-over before purchase? Common practice nowadays ,so if the current owner objects , then I would decline buying the truck. If the shop looks it over and gives it the 'thumbs-up' except for the rear diff. , if that's the cause of the noise you are hearing, then get an estimate , negotiate sale price and enjoy. It's still a Toyota.(I say that in a good way!)
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