Noise from my front CV joints on 2001 Volvo S60

Last night I heard the beginning of what I've learned should be a hard clicking noise from my front while making a turn. If it is my CV joints I want to change them out myself. Is there anything I need to know that may catch me off guard?
My S60 is a manual 5speed with a 2.3 L w/ Turbo.

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Your best approach if the joints are indeed bad is to replace the entire axle. You probably can't get the CV joint separately anyway.
I haven't seen these go bad though, are the CV boots torn?
I took a look at all four boots on the CV joints and they are all in great shape. So I don't think the noise i heard was a CV joint. Do you have any idea what it was I heard?
Yeah, I've never seen one of these joins fail so it's something else. Without hearing the noise it's difficult to know what might be happening, so if you can give a better description as to when it happens, that would be a big help.
You can get clicking noises when driving over bumps from the sway bar link ends, bad front struts, bad lower control arm bushings or the upper strut plates. The ball joints can be noisy as well. Make sure all the motor mounts are good since they often fail.
Hope you don't mind if I hitch hike on the CV/axle question :)
1997 Toyota Celica GT..It started w/clicking on one side now both sides click when making turns. It's pretty loud until I straighten the wheels. I would like to know what the part is called so I dont sound like an idiot. I have been told a few different things like...1/2 shaft, CV joint,right and left axle,drive shaft...Help! I'm not looking for a cheap fix just the right fix. Thanx
all of these are names of the same part