Noise from driver side wheel on 1996 Volvo 850

I've just started to hear a low frequency noise from the front driver side wheel area. It is not engine related, there is no vibration, and braking appears fine. there is a buzzing like sound from 20mph to 70 mph that is somewhat independent of speed. When I jack up the car and grab the tire it wiggles about .25 inches. My gut tells me that is should not do that. Any ideas?

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wiggles? i would be very careful driving around i would check the ball joints, tie rods, bearing the whole suspension shocks struts it may be something simple but you have to get it check the tire should not wiggle
Yes, thanks. Definitely something related to in that area. If I jack the car up, take of the wheel/tire, and grab the disc, that's when it whiggles. It appears to be something in the area where the wheel bearing is. I don't see any grease as I had the boot replaced a couple of years ago and it still looks good. It's like the entire assembly (disc through to the CV boot) moves ever so slightly when I grab and 'whiggle' the disc.
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Try tightening the axle nut, that may account for the looseness, but it may be the lower ball joint too. I've seen the axle nuts come loose on the 850 many times. Tighten it up and see if the noise goes away.