noise during braking on 2008 Mercury Mariner

my mariner makes nois when brake is applied/usually from speeds over 30mph. I would call the noise a cranking noise. my friend Josh who can do all kinds of auto repairs and used to race cars and build his own engines, etc agreed about noise that it isnt a grinding noise but moreer of a cranking noise.I had him check front brake pads and rotors and both look like new he said. He also noted that it doesnt make the noise going in reverse which would also indicate that the noise isnt from bad pads or rotors. He thinks the noise is most likely due to the ABS system,,,,any thought or ideas would be great

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That's a good insight, the noise could be due to a faulty wheel speed sensor activating the ABS system. Get it checked out ASAP, a brake problem is a safety issue.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you: