Noise coming from transmission/gear shift area on 2003 Ford Mustang GT

I need some help. I had my clutch changed about 3-4 months ago and now have a vibration type sound or noise coming from the bottom front and also a rattling type noise coming from my gear shift area. The vibration noise is there most of the time, especially after I shift gears and accelerate, it's very noticable for about 3-5 seconds. Any idea what this can be?

Also any recommended mustang shops that is trustworthy, does good work, and reasonable in the san antonio, tx area?

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It is so hard to guess without being able to drive the car first hand and hear the noise. I wonder if you have a cracked exhaust heat shield, or a failing exhaust muffler or even catalytic converter starting to fail internally. It could also be something as simple as an exhaust bracket that is loose.
Sorry so late in getting back to you. Did you figure out the noise or vibration. The clutch shouldn't make a noise or cause a vibration if it is a stock type clutch. If it is a high performance clutch that has no "take up" springs in the disc it may shutter when starting from stop. People sometimes make the mistake of putting a racing clutch in a street car, they are not meant for driving in traffic.
I don't have any CATs, running straight X pipe with flow masters, had my muffler guy check the exhaust brackets. He said they were good. Should there be a certain amount of noise with an aftermarket Clutch installed. When the engine warms up, usually that's when I hear the noise.