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2003 Dodge Caravan Question: noise and vibration when put in drive

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan that when it's put in drive it makes a noise and vibrates....any clue what would cause this? The noise and vibration only last a couple seconds and then it drives and shifts fine. -
Answer 1
If still sitting still when happens I suspect a motor mount. Idle air valve could cause vibes but never heard of noise from that. Would help to know if moving and what does noise sound like? -
Comment 1
yes, van is sitting still when making the noise. It only does it for a brief second when you put the van in drive. There is a slight almost like a sucking noise when you put it in reverse also. This is going to sound stupid but if you say the letter V really slow it's sort of that sound. sorry couldn't think of anything better to use as an example lol Along with that sound is a tiny vibration but again it only last for a second then it's gone. What ever it is it's not affecting the performance of the van. -
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