noise after tire rotation on 2006 Saturn Ion

I brought my 2006 saturn in to get a routine oil change and tire rotation. After which my front end starting making a strange noise and vibration when I took corners. This would come and go. I brought it in, they said nothing was wrong with it. It continued. The front passenger side transaxle is sticking out of the transmission by about a 1/2 inch, different from the left front axle. They told me this is the way it was supposed to be. Can someone please tell me if you are supposed to see the seal about a half an inch away from the entry into the transmission for this make an model of vehicle on the front side passenger drive axle? they told me that there are male and female transaxles etc etc. that this is what it was supposed to be? But I still intermittantly hear the noise on and off while driving the vehicle.

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Go to another shop and get a second opinion, it sounds like the first shop did not do the proper job.