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2001 Chevrolet Blazer Question: noise

i have noise coming from the engine area it was a small grinding sound now its turned into a long sound. Its not whining i don't now how to describe it. only does it sometimes. always does it when i'm stopped at a corner turn and gun the engine. it doesn't do it from a stop going straight just when i turn and speed up too fast. i took it to the shop yesterday and waiting for the call now -
Answer 1
This is only a guess but you may have a problem where the fan blade is hitting the fan shroud due to worn motor mounts. Please let me know what the technicians find at the shop. -
Comment 1
2 mechanics looked at it and drove it around both heard the noise and said it seems to be coming from under neath the passenger seat. They looked for it and never found the cause they told me to keep driving until it gets worse and then maybe can tell where it is coming from. -
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