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2003 Nissan Altima Question: noise

Ihave a noise inside the car.The noise sounds like it is near the gas ped and rear seat you can here the same noise under the hood.It sounds like it is from the fuel injectors and down the fuel lines.I was told it was a fuel pump,put a new one in and still have the noise. Any help?Thanks -
Answer 1
Its very hard to speculate. Could the noise you hear be an exhaust heat shield that has become detached from the exhaust, I just had this with a friends Altima it would only noise occasionally at first but then made noise more often. The fuel pump should only buzz lightly and should not be too noticeable unless some sound insulation is missing from the passenger compartment. I think Nissan even had a bulletin about the exhaust heat shields deteriorating they detach at the ends. -
Comment 1
The heat shields are fixed.Its like a fast tapping noise in the fuel line and travels in the car you can also here it outside as well. -
Comment 2
I just check Nissan have an updated fuel pressure damper to fix your exact symptoms. part # 22675 JA10A your car needs two -
Comment 3
Thank you (autotechpat) I will let you know how I make out. -
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