noise on 2000 Subaru Outback

when i turn engine on i get a squeeling noise that stops when the car is put in drive.

by in Buffalo, NY on September 07, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 07, 2009
Hi, I would have the drive belts checked to make sure they are adjusted properly. If they are OK, then it is important to try and locate where the noise is coming from. once the location is determined, post your findings here and we can better assist you. Good Luck!
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Sounds like it is coming from the passage side. Could it be a problem with trim, I mean like the plastic that covers things.
...ay in it but theout put shaft will move 1/8 inch in any direction It's starting to make a gear noise in 1-4 gears.
...realigned and balanced. Mechanic thought new axle was defective and put in another one. Same noise/vibration exists. It only occurs when accelerating--doesn't happen in neutral or coasting down...
Started as a belt squeal and quickly became a lot worse it's not tac unit and soudns like it's coming from the bottom pulley
Clunking sound like something loose but hear only when going slow

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