No voltage to main blower motor. Motor new & OK, fuse OK, 13.4 volts at fuse. on 1995 Ford E-150

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Wiring being the least likely, that leaves the 4 speed switch, blower resistor, and is there also a relay???
Where are the resistor/relay?
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So your wiring is not hot to the blower. The resistor is a ground, the relay is in the left side of the engine compartment and goes through the orange/red wire straight to the blower motor.
So if the resistor is a ground, and I ran a hot lead to the motor and it ran, then the resistor is not the problem. I believe that I should next check the voltage in and out of the relay???
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That sounds like a plan to me. The control unit puts b+ With the key on, to one leg of the relay should be a good ground to another. The blower fuse goes to another then when the relay trips it sends b+ to the blower. Go to bed shortly.
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