NO TURN SIGNALs on 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Started out in the morning with all lights working .Had a weird noise comming from under dash. Looked at dash and no turn signal arrows.Turned on emergancy flashers and only the right arrow lights.But the front right and both rear lamps work,front left not working. Replaced bulb ,still not working and still no turn signals. Replaced turn signal relay( under dash behind heater controls) box with relays in it (actualy only one)now the weird noise is gone and back to a regualer click. but still no lights . and no power to the left front, but it does have running lights. HELP! its 5 dg's out .not a good time to lay in the snow. Thanks Dave Climax MI. P.S. throwing no codes

by in Potwin, KS on January 22, 2013
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Fuses and non blowin so what would it be can you please help me..
I changed the bulb and it still does not work. I can't find a fuse specific to the right side tail/trailer lights
And they flash twice as fast! I've change flasher relay& turn signal swith & ALL bulbs are good!
where does the solid green wire connect. my truck is a 1999 F-250
Replaced chasis wiring harness, engine harness because of badly damaged(bare) at plugs. Replaced multifunctional switch for turn signals and flashers because relay was buzzing.

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