Volvo 940 Problem Report

Volvo 940 "No start" Due to Failed Fuel Pump Relay

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The fuel pump relay may fail resulting in a "no start" condition, the engine will crank over but will not start and run. Checking for proper fuel pressure would be the first step in diagnosing this concern.

I had the problem of the car turning over but no start. I changed the fuel filter, the car ran for a day and did the same thing. So I went and bought a in tank fuel pump and sock. The tank was clean as can be, no dirt or anything in the tank. Everything went well except my hoses kept breaking. So I replaced almost all of the hoses. The car now starts but if I step on the gas it dies. I checked the relay and it is fine. I checked the fuses they are good. I'm going to replace the other fuel filter tomorrow hoping that will help. It does idle but when I step on the gas as soon as it gets up to where the turbo should kick in it pops through the turbo and dies. If anyone has any suggestion it would help greatly. Volvo girl. -
cranks over but doesnt start had the dis. cap replaced no go. -
turn over but will not start -
Won't turn over -
i didn't have no start, but the revs would drop dramatically until it almost stalled out mid-drive. I had to put it in part at stop lights and throw it straight into second to make it ride. -
just cranks over -
"No start" due to failed fuel pump relay -
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