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Mercedes-Benz ML350 "No Start" Due to Drive Authorization's Failure to Recongnize Keys

Mercedes-Benz ML350 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009

Average Mileage: 100,853 mi (34,000 mi - 203,560 mi)


A no start condition may develop due to an anti-theft system fault. If the drive authorization module fails to recognize the keys, the engine will not start. In many cases, a new module and keys will be needed to correct this problem.

  • Visitor, , 40,000 mi

    Our 2009 MB ML350 has an intermittent problem which started a few weeks ago. When the smart key is inserted in the ignition a message appears which says the key may not belong to this vehicle. Up until today, the message appeared, but the car started with no problem. Today, the message appeared and nothing happened when I turned the key, no lights, no sound. After removing the key and trying several more times, the car started. My husband tried his key (which is not used as often as mine) and the message didn't appear, but it took several tries to get the car to start. That tells me the issue is not with the smart key, but with the ignition itself. Suggestions?

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  • Visitor, , 34,000 mi

    Says key not detected, I changed batteries. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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  • Visitor, , 88,125 mi

    my 2005 mercedes benz ml350 would not start, it telling me star error.

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  •  Rookie

    The car dash lights came on momentarily when accelerating from rest the first day then the next day it cut out at traffic lights and would not start it was checked at one dealer scanned P2071-8 and P1999- start enable das not sent .it has started once since and is now being assessed at a specialist electrician so will let you know what the diagnosis is

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  • Visitor, , 76,500 mi

    Intermittent no-start at times, as if loss of electrical power/switch. Dash lights up, but no "crank". After several attempts at re-turning key, all goes back to normal, but window(s) full up/down function does not work right away. ??

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  • Visitor, , 188,000 mi

    car starts and runs breifly till it stalls and will not run. have had start error appear once

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  • Car wouldn't crank after replacing starter and battery.. inserted key like 10 tens then it cranked and ran. shut it off and now same problem

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  •  Rookie

    car dies while driving won't restart. Fuel pump, filter, hoses and crankshaft sensor replaced. still does the same thing.o

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