"No start" Due to Anti-Theft System Fault on Mercedes-Benz ML320

A no start condition may develop due to an anti-theft system fault. If the drive authorization module fails to recognize the keys, the engine will not start. In many cases, a new module and keys will be needed to correct this problem.

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Average mileage: 133,408 (10,500–205,000)
6 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003
45 people reported this problem
27 people shared problem details
I just changed the battery and now it will not stay started, It just keeps shutting off!!!
My 1998 MB 320 ML, Was stopped about 15 days, now the starter don't work , only make a sound (tac, tac, tac) but don't crank, I check the battery it has 11.5 V. and charge again by 12 hr., I re programed the keys according manual but don't crank. What I must do ???.
cranks cuts off immeditately dealer want to replace complete locking system cant get key from mercedes help.
Car starts then shuts down seconds later. Recently maintainced has done this ever since
I lost the keys and went to a dealer for new keys. One worked and one did not. I went to my local mechanic who works on MB's and he replaced the ME computer described as a Remanufactured ME 2.0 Control Unit (945$) for $1400. The dealer then order new keys saying the old ones were not correct. Did I need the new computer? It was remanufactured according to the mechanic who said he paid $745 for it.
the car dosent star whit the send key and dont open the doors.
Wont stay running. Anti theft. Cant get a key from dealer. They have all been given out and lost. Any help would be wonderful
Went out to start it one cold winter morning and it would not start. Starter would engage but as soon as it would kick over it would stop. It was the key. Cost me $100 to diagnose, $141.50 for the key and chip, and $52.50 to program it. That is for one. But it works!
Car refused to start and MB dealer says All Activity Module has to be replaced. I have only had car for two weeks and now am stuck with the cost of repair of $2,150.00.
I have a 2001 ML320. I tried to reprogram a remote key by all the instructions i was finding online but now when i try to start the car it says "start error" on dash. PLEASE help!
car wont start need to try and try again before it will start
My car want start an its not my battery
The car cant start but it cranks well.Called a mechnic with a diagnostic reading DAS drive authorisation system.My car is still dead not yet fixed and am asking for HELP what should i do???
My key fob broke. Next I used my key to open the door which then set the alarm off. Immediately after opening the door I proceeded to start the vehicle to see if the alarm would deactivate but unfortunately it didn't work and now my dash displays a "start error"
2 remote keys won't hold the ignition crank, only valet key works
turn key everything works but wont start
now the car has 157000 miles previously i already change the key three times.
When battery went dead, car would only start for a few seconds. Everything eventually locked up and had to have it towed. Keys then did not work thereafter. Even with new keys still problems.
Module failed and needed replacement.
car won't recognise key
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