Dodge Dakota Problem Report

Dodge Dakota "No start" Caused By Failed Fuel Pump

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Fuel pump failures are common on higher mileage models, Resulting in a crank no start condition.

no power to the fuel pump, relay clicks but no power can prime mpi with a little gas and will start for a few seconds and die. -
I may have let the gas get too low ..put in 1/2 tank...truck starts but have to keep foot on gas at times to keep it running..starts good sometimes and other times I have to hit the gas to get it going... -
Fuel regulator failed causing a no start issue, fuel regulator can be replaced however the tank must be dropped. Cycling key three times reprimes fuel line and truck starts. Ordered fuel pump assembly online for less cost and replaced myself. -
cranks wont start. -
truck starts after a bit it quits after 5 minutes it starts im going again its good for about 1/2 quits -
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