No start at times? on 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

No check engine light, no stored dtc's, acts as if it is not getting fuel. You can key the ignition about three or four times and it will start, or sometimes you can push accelerator to floor and will start not always though?

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Ignition theft deterrent module issue. Leave key in the 'on' position for 10 full minutes, then turn the key off, then it should start. It resets something in the theft detection module.
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Does this happen when the car has sat overnight, or after driving it for awhile? Both?
I would get this to a shop that has the ability to check and upgrade the software in the engine control module. I think there is a technical service bulletin about this issue, however, it may be an issue with the fuel delivery system too.
Here is a brief description of the TSB, I'm not sure if it applies to your vehicle or not.
TSB #06-06-04-049: LX9 Engine Only, Intermittent
Extended Crank Time on Hot Engine Restart (Sep 22, 2006)
Both but seems to do it worse after driving awhile.
what is the fix for this problem I had my car in the shop several times and they could not find a problem with the car i was told the problem was the battery after 3 years
Check mass air flow sensor.