No start after timing chain / head replaced on 2003 Honda Accord

Car came in with cyl 4 no compression. Recond head, Replaced bent valves, timing chain, guides & tensioner. Timing double checked by 2 tecks. Engine cranks and try's to kick but won't start. David G. TCC

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First question- did you use a HONDA chain? It has marked links for the cam gears and crank gear positions. Second question- was the VTC actuator (front cam gear) in 'locked' position , before installation?
First Yes. 2nd will have to check as the machine shop was paid to set the cams. Thank you for this info. I will let you when we get to the cam and re check/ set it.
Any luck yet?
Locked cam, vehicle repair successful. Thank you. David G.
Thanky for the response , and I'm glad it was some help.
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