no start on 1996 Lincoln Town Car

has good fuel pressure but no spark hand held scanner says no response from computer

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Hello, is your check engine light on , or was it on before the car quit running ??? If it was on before it quit running , then it would be helpfull to retrieve the codes from the computer.. If your scanner ( not sure what you are using) says no information , then eithier that scanner will not communicate with your computer in the car . try a differnt scanner ,, another thing to try is to test all of your fuses in the car ,, usually a blow fuse will cause no communcation with the scanner.. I would start there and see ...
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If the crank sensor is bad you won't get any computer response. That sensor is located at the front of the engine on the passenger side. The A/C compressor has to be taken lose. Do not disconnect the hoses from the compressor. W. R.