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2000 Ford Expedition Question: no start 2000 expedition

My 2000 expedition just cranks and does not start a friend checked fuses and he said it has power at the harness that goes to fuel pump. Before the costly repair is done to replace fuel pump is there anything elese that can cause this problem -
Answer 1
check fuel presure, ignition spark at spark plug, inertia swich for fuel pump -
Answer 2
Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 5 minutes. Then connect it back up again. Use the remote and lock and unlock the doors. This resets the anti theft system and it should start right up. This happens to me from time to time on my 2001 Expedition and this procedure works everytime. -
Answer 3
check fuel pressure.. check hot side of coil packs.. Only need to check one.. Check injector pulse -
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