1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Q&A

1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Question: No start

why does keyswitch turn, dash lights up, but no click is heard at starter -
Answer 1
This can be from a few different things. You may have a bad ignition switch, starter or the wiring and circuitry that allows for the starter to operate. It will require a diagnosis to determine exactly what is wrong. -
Answer 2
Shift the transmission into neutral than try to start the vehicle. -
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...ipped with a Theft Security system a loss of power to the Central Timer Module can result in a no start condition.
Have replaced IAC, PVC, Airfilter, spark plug/wires, ignition coil. I think it's a choke problem, but don't know how to check it. Van starts fine when warm outdoors, but no start w/o using starting...
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A no crank condition may be cause by a blown starter relay fuse. If the fuse is blown and the relay circuit is not shorted to ground, our technicians tell us there is a relay and harness assembly t...