no start on 1998 Chevrolet Metro

Recently our Metro would not start.Even after an attempted jump luck. Our mechanic diagnosed a failed starter and recommended replacing and older and weakening battery.Both items were replaced. One week later it is acting the same way. Any help would be appreciated.

by in Indianapolis, IN on January 15, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 15, 2011
If the engine was turning with or without a different starter and battery, why replace them.?? Your mech is a dope!!! You more likely have a timing belt gone bad,or a bad fuel pump. Check the fuses on the pump. Have a "REAL" mech look at it and check to see if your getting a spark. If the timing belt is gone, it wont turn the distributer... hense no spark. It could also have a bad timing module, which is just a small part in the block that is a magnet, that tells the ecm where the crankshaft is.They go bad and crack, and let oil in and destroys them. Just changing the starter was a dumb move
COMMENT by on January 15, 2011
To clarify it was not even turning over. It even acted as if the ignition switch was not enabling the starter circuit....It would occasionally produce the "click" you associate with a weak battery but ultimately even while jumping it would not even attempt to turn over. Thus the starter.
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