no speed odometer,,bogging out in 2nd gear and loosing brake compression.. on 1991 Buick Regal

first when i take off the car does great going from first to 2nd it bogs out like it's not getting fuel,but does fine there brakes when i 1st bought the car used would pump back at me like they were tight or had a small amount of air in the lines,ten 4 weeks later strait to the floor i had ran it out of fluid i poured in 1 small jug and te brakes were great for about 4 days now there going to the floor again any suggestions?as for my dash my engine,brake and some other misc. lites work how can i fix need the odometer and speed odometer?

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you have a brake fluid leak. get to a shop and have it repaired before you have an accident.
the bogging could be from low fuel pressure. another job for a shop to check
a shop can check the vehicle speed sensor for you to see if that is the problem

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ck fuel pressure you have bad leak mastercylinder or wheel cylinderleaking ck computer codes speed sensor or trans i have 94 buick regal 3.8 engine and trans