1998 Cadillac Catera Q&A

1998 Cadillac Catera Question: no-spark,connected scanner to dlc and "no communication" replaced cps,ecm

All fuses are good.Which way from here? -
Answer 1
Electrical diagram and troubleshoot circuits. -
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TNX! Gleaned info that all scanners are not comporable on caddys',reference to the offbrand catera. ....Have '98 deville same scanner communicates. "probably hearsay"? -
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OBDII must be compatible for US auto market FEDERAL LAW. Check wiring , get factory manual.Good luck. -
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Understand! TNX again for reconfirmation. Would like to commmunicate when its all done. If ok. Much Obligiged! (autoeer@yahoo.com) -
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In ref. to? -