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1994 Mazda Protege Question: No spark: Won't start...

I have a 1994 Mazda DX 1.8. One day while driving car was hesitating off and on from a stop. After a while quit hesitating. Then, after parking and restarting, went for a drive and the car just stopped - died and would not start. After towing home and testing, there was NO spark, replaced coil - no spark, replaced coil again - no spark, replaced distributor - no spark, replaced TPS, no spark. Just double-checked, gets juice to positive side of coil and juice to positive of distributor. Still NO spark. Tried jumping ten and ground in diagnosis module to get codes, didn't seem to work. (Engine light does NOT come on when ignition is in the ON position) I am stumped. What in the world could it be?? Have changed: the Coil (Twice, new one) the TPS (new) the main relay (new) the ECU (twice, used) the distributor with cap and rotor (new). -
Answer 1
Checked the fuses? Sounds like no voltage to ECM. -
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What Fuse? And Where? I have changed the Main Relay. -
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If you have the owners manual check there. It also has computer/EFI/ Ignition relays, swap them around if they are the same. I think thats right. -
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I do not believe this particular model has a cam position sensor. At least that is what I have been told. I have replaced the main relay and the ignition module. -
Answer 2
you still did not try the cam position sensor...or crank position sensor...yet. -
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I do not believe this particular model has a cam or crank position sensor. At least that is what I have been told. -
Answer 3
Is distributer turning? Timing belt stripped? Random thought.....................Also as wetry said-check the fuses. AND........find out why the MIL doesn't come on with key. -
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Distributor turns, wouldn't account for no spark. I don't think there are any fuses to try outside of the main relay and it has been changed. I changing the light bulb in the dash for the engine light when I get a chance. -
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