no spark the fuel gauge reads way off top off scale no power to fuel pump relay on 1996 GMC Savana 1500

please any ideas

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Are you SURE about no spark to the plugs? Then we can talk about the pump.
yes no spark and the pump works if I bypass the relay but fuel gauge does not drop have had tank out and all conections are clean earths are good
Replace distributor assembly! Check ALL fuses!! ALL fuses, with a testlight. Fuel gauge defalt is full+. Still possible tank sender or gauge falt but a simple check of ALL fuses is a good place to start. Fuel pump only runs for 2 seonds when key turned on OR engine turned. Distributor also triggers pump relay after engine starts to turn, and is the prime suspect for no spark! Hope this helps and good luck.
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Did you get your problem fixed? I have the same problem. I'm initially thinking the computer because my mechanic can't talk to the vehicle's computer. But...if we jump the fuel pump relay, the pump works and has good pressure. But.....there isn't any spark.?????