no spark one cylinder. on 1994 Toyota Pickup

Connections are all clean and greased, spark plug wires have been replaced, but I'm not getting a spark from the distributor cap on the number 5 cylinder, Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks.

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Seen the shim adjusted valves on these engine "hold" their clearance for 100,00 miles but important (yet neglected) service after that. Valve gets tight and then burns or causes a misfire/ possible emission test failure particularly at idle (high hydrocarbons).
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Sounds like you distributor cap has failed about $12 to $26 at any auto parts store don't forget to change the rotor also.
found the problem, I replaced distributor cap and rotor since it looked bad, still same problem, after doing a compression test found out it's a exhaust valve, at 280 000 miles it's time swap the engine. to the auto wrecker I go