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2000 Mazda MPV Question: no spark at crank sensor but juice at the green wire at coilpack

I have spark at the green wire at the coil pack but no spark at the crank sensor; which means I don't have spark at the plugs. What is the procedure for checking out this problem? PLease! I just put the engine back together from a blown head. Now I have no spark at the plugs. The chains are on correctly. -
Answer 1
check to make sure you hooked everything up after head gasket replaced -
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thank you for your imput. I have been through the engine over and over. I took the front of the engine back apart twice to see if the 2chains were on correctly, they were. Thinking that a miss communication from the crank sensor and the cam sensor had occurred. What is the procedure for checking the electrical from the coil to the crank / cam sensors? I am about crazy with this thing. If you have the answer please give it to me. Thank you, Richard. -
Answer 2
scan codes and post so we can adv -
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thank you for your imput; But: I bought a scanner and hooked it up only to have it burn up. I could not get a signal, so I unplugged it. I put iit in my pocket and about 10 minutes laterheard a shril sound ( a high pitched noise, like there was an air leqak or a pressure leak). When I finally realized it was coming from the meter, I tried to shut it off, to no avail. I had to remove the batteries to get it to shut down. I replaced the batteries and it would not turn on.I put new batteries in it and it still would not turn on. I cannot scan! can you call me at 904 641 6097 and talk to me? -