2005 Dodge Neon No Spark to Coil on 2005 Dodge Neon

I have a 2005 Dodge Neon. The car went dead after a short drive to the mall. Parked car and all was good. Came back and the car wont start. It seems the car has no spark. I have change both the cam sensor and the crank sensor. I have replaced the ecm and still no spark. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

by in Laredo, TX on May 11, 2010
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ANSWER by on May 11, 2010
Its not prudent or cost affective to just replace parts without proving them to be wrong. A professional grade scan tool attached to the 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash can look at sensor patterns and values without having to intrusively test each sensor individually . It could be security related, or electrical but its impossible to guess without being able to do some diagnostic tests.
ANSWER by on May 12, 2010
autotechpat, My car has been at the mechanic shop over a week and they have used a drv to check it out. The computer scan said that the cam was out of sync. Timing belt was ok, so they told me to buy the cam sensor and crank sensor. After that failed and what he called the 5volt return is not getting to the coil, he told me that the only other thing would be the ecm. Well low and behold it was not. Thanks for your response, and I hope you could open my eyes to finding a solution.
COMMENT by on August 20, 2014
Did you get a fix for this. My sister's Neon is doing the same thing. She has has both the crank and camshaft sensors replaced.
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