No Spark on 1995 Ford Escort

I have a 95 escort that will not start. I have replaced the ignition switch, plugs, wires and the ignition coil. Initially I went to start the car and it would not start. I waited a few minutes and tried to start it again. This time the key got stuck and the car just kept trying to start on it own. Then I was able to wiggle the key out and it tried to start on its own again. Has to pull the battery wires off to make it stop.

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Wow. That sounds like you may have a failure in your ignition switch, or the ignition switch wasn't installed properly.
I'm sorry, but I don't have a good recommendation for how to fix, but it certainly sounds like the switch is where the problem is. Obviously, the plugs, coils, starter, and battery are doing their job.
I noticed when I installed the new ignition switch that the wires that plug into the replaced switch were melted. Not the wires themselves but the plastic part that holds the wire end connectors. Also, There was a toggle switch hooked into that wire harness. I cut that off and capped it.