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1996 Dodge Dakota Question: No Spark

No spark. Was told probably crank sensor. Can that be problem and where is it located? -
Answer 1
Yes, that can be your problem, but what was the suggestion based on? Is your engine light on? -
Answer 2
I believe I have already told you where it's at. Did you not understand what I told you? Bret is right, don't just shoot parts at a problem. I can't tell you how many customers I've had, after they have spent $200 to $500 on a problem trying to fix it their self and it didn't fix it. Then I tell them it'll cost $300 to fix it then they cry "I just spent $500". -
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bret & backyard tech, This is my first request Backyard Tech. Never been on here before. Troubleshot no voltage to coil. Dealership over phone said sounds like crank sensor. Son's car in Army in Alabama with problem, calling me for over phone assistance. Where are both sensors please. -
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Contact me at swaths3644@mypacks.net. -
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