no spark on 1997 Dodge Ram Van 3500

i am not getting any spark.i canged the coil, shaft senser and resister.what els can i do

by in Saylorsburg, PA on May 07, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 10, 2011
Check all Engine wiring connectors. Check your Crankshaft Position Sensor. This input to the Powertrain Control Module will actuate the ASD relay when the engine is cranked over, powering up the ignition and injectors. If this is ok, Check your Coil Secondary wire resistance with an Ohmmeter. Replace the wire if it is more than .5 ohms. Next, remove the distributor cap and make sure the distributor turns when the engine is cranked over. Check Cap and rotor for signs or the spark arcing to ground, replace if required. Absence of this Crank sensor input will be no spark or fuel pump actuation. There is also the chance that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is defective, but I would exhaust all other tests before condeming the PCM.
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