2007 Hyundai Azera Q&A

2007 Hyundai Azera Question: No sound is coming from my speakers

Had to jump car off the other night. Think cables were crossed at some point because some fuses blew. I've replaced a fuse under hood and checked the two fuses that control audio in the inner panel. All fine. Car cranks fine, and everything else works. Stereo comes on, played CDs, etc but no sound. Is there another fuse somewhere I'm missing? Thoughts? -
Answer 1
Check EVERY fuse you can find! No matter what circuit it protects, check it. Could be fuse blown for factory amp. Read owners manual. -
Comment 1
I haven't checked every fuse. I'll do that. Also...where is the fuse for the factory amp? I can't find it in manual. You happen to know? -
Answer 2
you could have blown 1 of several modules seek diag and est -