no reverse lights. on 2000 Lincoln LS

I am having a hard time locating the fuses or relay that controls this function. I have all my running lights and brake lights just no reverse lights. can someone help me?

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Since its unlikely that BOTH bulbs would fail a the same time and if everything else on the circuit (check owners manual or wiring diagram) it's not a fuse. So try Googling for location of a relay, if there is one. However I'm guessing it's likely the microswitch on your trans mission that causes the revers lights to go on when put into reverse. That's where I'd start but if you are not auto mechanically inclined, see a reputable tech or so inclined friend.
It's in the shifter selector switch.
Thank you for your time and info. i will start there.
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There is several things involved in the back up light circuit. The fuse to the lights themselves is in the trunk, #406 10amp. But the PCM receives the signal, then sends it to the light module then it is sent to the lights.
does this mean the pcm may be bad?
Not necessarily; it just receives and sends the signal down the road. There are other things to consider before the PCM is considered, that is just 1 thing out of many the PCM does, and what else is going wrong that the PCM is involved in. Don't jump into something without the knowledge of systems and sub-systems, and just start replacing parts.