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2007 Saturn Vue Question: No response from the gas pedal going downhill

Going downhill on the freeway 65-67 mph and I lose power to the gas pedal for up to 20 seconds. The engine stays on, but doesn't rev, no lights come on, the RPM gauge looks to be stuck on the number 2. I can press the pedal to the floor and nothing happens. Then miraculously, the power to the pedal comes back. This is intermittent, but has happened at least 10 times now in several months, but the dealership can't reproduce it. I recorded the computer with their black box when the issue occurred and so they took the transmission apart and didn't see anything really wrong with it, but replaced some things after doing more research. When I got the car back the issue happened the next day and the day after and now I'm writing here for help. Thank you in advance. -
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