no power to fuel pump, injectors, no spark. Computer? Crank sensor? ??? not sure on 1994 Ford Taurus

My car just died backing out of a parking spot. At first i thought my fuel pump went out but it just DIED it didnt spit or sputter or act like it was trying to burn fuel in the line. but after replacing it i realized i wasnt getting power to it, i replaced the relay and checked the inertia switch and still nothing. i ran a direct wire and switch to the pump and the fuel pump was running but not building fuel pressure to the motor. so i checked for spark by pulling a plug and connecting it back to the plug wire and no spark. I know the SHOs are typical for Crank sensors but it almost seems more like a computer issue to me. any help is greatly appreciated

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The check engine light is not on. It kicked on a few times while i had an idling issure a few weeks ago. i bout a new csp sensor today and am going to go ahead and replace it. im already about 200 dollars deep in this problem so 60 bucks aint to bad. any other suggestions if this doesnt resolve the problem?
thecode will be stored in computer
ok. i was also thinking Mass Air Flow sensor. For a few days before it died, it was having an idling issue, like it was pulling to much air? i could drive 40mph with my foot off the gas, but the problem seemed to be somewhat fixed when i straightened the bent throttle cable bracket.
Did you figure it out i am having the same exact problem same car jyst not sho please help me out no spark put fuelpump on a toggleswitch and i have no spark
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