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2000 Ford Escort Question: No power to fuel pump . Have power at fuel driver module. New fuses all over

Runs fine with gas poured n intake till it burns up -
Answer 1
Inertia switch? -
Comment 1
Its pressed down? -
Comment 2
If there is battery voltage at this switch, replace the pump!! That is the recommended test for pump failure!! I guess it's possible that a wire could be broken from enertia switch to pump but not likely. -
Comment 3
Does it make a complete circut ( fuel pump) when workn properly? With tester im not getting power to pump -
Comment 4
With tester check for battery voltage to the inertia switch, if no voltage there , find open circuit to this switch! What is a fuel driver module anyway?? -
Comment 5
In driver side of trunk. And would i b able to bypass switch to test pump? -
Comment 6
test for voltage to the inertia switch. -
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