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1995 Ford Thunderbird Question: no power to fuel pump and coil

i swaped engines in a 95 ford thunderbird 3.8 fuel injection but the coil and fuel pump are not getting any power -
Answer 1
Is the engine the exact same one as before -- same make and model? Did you swap the entire assembly as is, or did you replace a "long block" only, and swap all the rest of the previous components (sensors, etc)? -
Comment 1
yes it was the same model i believe there is a plug i have over looked or a crinked wire -
Comment 2
You are saying you have no spark and no fuel pressure, or have you verified the coil and fuel pump are not getting any power at the actual components? There must be a plug you have overlooked if everything is like for like component-wise. Or, there could be a blown fuse or two contributing to the issue. You just have to get back to the basics and start circuit testing to back into your issue. -
Comment 3
Check crank position sensor. -
Comment 4
FYI, the 3.8L 49 state vehicle did not have a crankshaft position (CKP) sensor; it has a conventional distributor. Only the supercharged version or California regular 3.8L had a CKP sensor. -