no power past 50 on 1998 Buick Skylark

Just bought a 98 skylark with 32000 original miles yesterday.Car was supposedly used for short gopher jobs around the car lot, and town, Ran fine on way home. Wife drove today to town (10mi) and said car would not go over 50mph. Said it does not spit, sputter, or miss. Any ideas where to start looking or troubleshooting? Oh' its an automatic.

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Some of the first things to check would be the air and fuel filters. A fuel pressure test and a back pressure test on the catalytic converter would also be in order. Also, it never hurts to check for fault codes stored in the engine computer. Before you begin replacing to many parts it may be a good idea to have a qualified technician drive your Skylark and try and give you some idea what is wrong.
Thanks for your time and response, Russ.