no power or low power to cab, replaced battery checked grounds. on 1999 Lincoln Town Car

I have a lincoln towncar 1999 and the car is not getting any power or very very low power to the cab, including interior lights, horn, ignition, almost no juice. replaced battery checked terminals, and jumped ground to block with no results? does the starter have anything to do with the main power or ignition switch?

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The starter will not have an effect on the interior electrical but you should check all the fuses and circuit breakers, as these are what supply power to the interior of the vehicle.
I tracked it down to the power distrubution box on the electrical harness. After removing the box from its holder there is mega corrosion on the main under the box itself. and it looks like you have to replace the whole harness or splice. Always hated Fords and this reinforces it. thanks for your help.